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A work-at-home job is any job that you are paid to do that you do from your home rather then from a remote place of business. There are lots of different kinds of work-at-home jobs; babysitting, for example, can be a work-at-home job. Building birdhouses in your own workshop for a local merchant to sell at his place of business is also a work-at-home job. Here, however, we are talking about online work-at-home jobs.


When you have an online work-at-home job, you supply your own computer and pay your own ISP (Internet Service Provider). You supply your own workspace and your own desk and chair, as well.

The only things that the online employer provides are the work and the directions for accomplishing the work. Sometimes if particular software is required for completing the tasks assigned, the online employer will provide that as well. The online employer pays for subscriptions to online programs and websites to which a work-at-home employee needs access. The online employer will provide user names and passwords so that the online employee has access.


It's important to know that legitimate online employers do not require that their work-at-home employees purchase supplies or information from them. If you are told that you must purchase a "kit" or a "package," don't do it. The idea is for the employer to pay the employee and not for the employee to make purchases from the employer.


There are many legitimate online jobs available, but not all online job offers are legitimate. There are lots of crooks and scam artists out there on the World Wide Web that make their living by taking advantage of those who are looking for a work-at-home job

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