I've been asked many times if there is any such thing as a "legitimate work-at-home job." The person asking is usually one who has fallen victim to a work-at-home scam. It's a known fact by scam artists everywhere that the more desperate the "mark," the easier it is to con him. Even the most inept of con men out there know that when a person is in dire straits and looking for an answer to a serious problem, they won't read the fine print, and they won't ask questions.

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That's one reason why scamming the unsuspecting work-at-home applicant is so easy. Those who are looking for a job NEED a job.

And, in answer to the question, are there legitimate work-at-home jobs out there, the answer is yes — but you'd better be careful. There are hundreds of thousands of illegitimate job offers for every legitimate one.

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